Sleeve Box L


Sleeve Box L with 8mm Spine
Size A : 185mm (W) x 200mm (L) x 70mm (H)
Size B : 190mm (W) x 220mm (L) x 65mm (H)
Size C : 195mm (W) x 240mm (L) x 60mm (H)
Size D : 200mm (W) x 260mm (L) x 55mm (H)
Size E : 205mm (W) x 280mm (L) x 50mm (H)
Size F : 210mm (W) x 300mm (L) x 45mm (H)
Size G : 215mm (W) x 320mm (L) x 40mm (H)
Size H : 220mm (W) x 340mm (L) x 35mm (H)
Material 1 : 270gsm 1 Side Art Card
Material 2 : 300gsm 1 Side Art Card
Material 3 : 350gsm 1 Side Art Card
Printing : 4 Colors 1 Side Only
Finishing I : No Finish, Diecut with Gluing
Finishing II : Lamination, Diecut with Gluing
Finishing III : Matte + Spot UV, Diecut with Gluing

Variety of Choice in Sizes, Materials plus Finishings to fit your budget and needs.
***Item price are exclude of Design***

Delivery in Flat Piece (Set of Tray + Sleeve)
***Free Delivery to Klang Valley Only***
***Production Lead Time 10 to 14 Working Days***
Production lead time depanding on quantities

For further requirements, please enquiry:
Help Line+601131062522
Jeffrey Yung+60122230022

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270GSM 1S Art Card 300GSM 1S Art Card 350GSM 1S Art Card
4C (1S) + No Finishing 300 Units RM1,273.30 RM1,297.30 RM1,372.30
500 Units RM1,408.70 RM1,443.30 RM1,551.70
1000 Units RM1,821.30 RM1,882.70 RM2,074.30
2000 Units RM2,656.00 RM2,773.30 RM3,140.00
3000 Units RM3,604.70 RM3,778.00 RM4,319.70
5000 Units RM5,051.50 RM5,331.30 RM6,206.30
4C (1S) + Lamination 300 Units RM1,383.50 RM1,407.30 RM1,482.30
500 Units RM1,592.00 RM1,626.60 RM1,735.00
1000 Units RM2,187.90 RM2,249.20 RM2,440.90
2000 Units RM3,389.20 RM3,506.50 RM3,873.20
3000 Units RM4,704.40 RM4,877.70 RM5,419.40
5000 Units RM6,884.20 RM7,164.20 RM8,039.20
4C (1S) + Matte & Spot UV 300 Units RM1,663.30 RM1,687.30 RM1,762.30
500 Units RM1,958.60 RM1,993.20 RM2,101.60
1000 Units RM2,771.10 RM2,832.50 RM3,024.10
2000 Units RM4,405.60 RM4,522.90 RM4,889.60
3000 Units RM6,154.10 RM6,327.40 RM6,869.10
5000 Units RM9,200.30 RM9,480.30 RM10,355.30


  • Cosmetic & Beauty Products
  • Food & Beverage Products
  • Pharma & Supplement Products
  • Sachet Packing Products

Benefits for

  • Enhance Business Image
  • Boost Brand Visibilit


Print + Finish

4C (1S) + No Finishing, 4C (1S) + Lamination, 4C (1S) + Matte & Spot UV


270GSM 1S Art Card, 300GSM 1S Art Card, 350GSM 1S Art Card


1000 Units, 2000 Units, 300 Units, 3000 Units, 500 Units, 5000 Units